devHandy Team|

We are here with some developer handy functions and It will assist you in your development
Still we are working on some more awesome tools

Our tools for developer are as below and you can check out the full features and how does it works in details by click on their links.Here below only we are giving some overview of the tools and these tools will assist you directly or indirectly in your development. Still we are working in development for many other tools so we will launch soon.

Case Converter

You can convert your text / document text in any case as you want and can download it.

Color Picker

Utilize our HTML color picker to getting a millions of colors as suits your choice / requirement.

Map Plotting

Enter your Lat/Long co-ordinates and you will get this co-ordinates plotting on map.

Base64 Encode/Decode

You can encode / decode in Base64 format, you need to just write or paste your text.

Password Generator

Create your strong, secure and random single / multiple password(s) from devHandy.